LEED FOR Homes • miller project 


The owner of this project had specific ideas on material, efficiency, and solar.  During the design process he had asked about getting a certification for green building.  The project required only minor changes to what the client had already set as goals to meet most environmental programs.  After reviewing the different options the owner selected LEED for Homes through the U.S Green Building Council.  The project achieved the highest rating of Platinum.

Miller residence

durango colorado

in association with tim hanagan of aaha design studios

year built:  2010

three bedroom, three bath residence on hillside below fort lewis college


Whittemore construction

Green Features

•Solar PV system

•Solar Domestic Hot Water

•Fly Ash based 12” Aerated Concrete Block Walls

•Fiberglass Low-u Value Windows and Doors

•Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

•LED or CFL lighting

•Spray Applied Foam High r-Value Insulation.

•Energy Recovery Ventilation System.

•High Thermal Mass Hydronic Heating

•Efficient Use of Materials

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